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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

First of all, we are still open. We will do all we can to stay open but if the gym closes,we will have no option but go to our contingency plan of going mobile. This would mean that we would come to you with a portable treatment table and provide treatment as normal.

In the mean time, we will be maintaining our very high standards of cleanliness in and around the clinic. We can assure you that all surfaces including the plinth (treatment table) are being wiped down with alcohol wipes and then sprayed and cleaned with a disinfectant solution. We also have hand sanitiser on offer to any client who wishes to use it inside the clinic. The gym has increased their own frequency and intensity of cleaning throughout the facility and has provided a large container antibacterial hand sanitiser in the reception area for your use.

Our cleaning practise is one that we very proud of and have been performing for years so we are very confident in our cleaning standards.

If you wish to get in touch about our cleanliness or just to swathe any concerns you may have about coming in, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

Wishing good health to you all,


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