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COVID Appointments

As the Scottish Government have recently been flip-flopping about letting close contact therapy return to work, all appointments made are subject to cancellation at short notice as a result of COVID-19.

As some of you may know, we have moved premises. We can now be found inside Fleming House in the Welltree Health Clinic (Welltree Health, Fleming House, 5 Fleming Road, Livingston, EH54 7BN). We are only two minutes along the road from the old clinic so not too much further to go.

To get access to the building, simply press my name on the entrance buzzer next to the front door. If you can't find my name, just give me a call on my work number 07817550741. Using this protocol, we will minimise the chances of meeting others.

For your appointment, please bring as little as little as possible with you to limit potential contamination. Please also come alone if you can (under 16s still need to have an adult present at all times for appointments). Please also bring a face mask which must be worn throughout the duration of your appointment. We also ask that you come as best dressed for your appointment as possible (shorts, vests etc.).

To keep the clinic clean and sanitised, it is sprayed with a Zoono disinfectant spray every 28 days. Zoono works by bonding the surface it is spray onto to create a thin but protective layer. This microscopic layer of pins attracts pathogens which burst on contact like microscopic baloons. Zoono guarantees that each spraying of Zoono will last for 30 days.

We also have Zoono hand sanitiser in the clinic. One application of Zoono hand sanitiser provides an antibacterial protective layer that works with routine hand hygiene procedures to help provide protection throughout the day.

For myself and for your protection, I will be dressed in full PPE at all times which will be changed after each client. I have also taken 3 world health organisation courses on PPE, contamination and cleaning.

Even though we have Zoono, we will still be taking 30 minutes between appointments to thoroughly clean the clinic.

If you have any questions, please free to get in touch.

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