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Our Big Day at Murrayfield Finals Day

Although Saturday 22nd April 2017 rolled around just like any other Saturday match day for me, today was no ordinary day. Today I was looking after not one, but two teams on Murrayfield’s main pitch. This was the first time in Scottish Cup Finals Day history that two teams from the same club will both be competing for silverware.

I arrived at the stadium early, as usual to ready my kit bags for the impending matches. I felt calm, but could sense nervousness and trepidation amongst some of the players. This to some was just another game, but to others this meant many things to them. Their first Scottish Cup game, and to others their last ever competitive match after years of putting their bodies on the line for both club and country.

As a group, we all headed over to the main stadium and past security. As we walked along the tunnel area, we could hear the crowd getting excited for the first game of the day (Portobello vs. Blairgowrie). Surprisingly, it was quite a racket that was being created by the crowd. I told myself this was just another game, and to get my head down and get on with the job. I helped the girls get ready with pre-event massages and various strappings in the rather sizeable changing room.