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Ice Massage

Ice massage therapy is a treatment process that is used to help minimise tissue damage and bring relief to inflamed muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments.


This type of therapy is good for dealing with pain and discomfort caused by muscle strains, as well as any swelling that takes place after an injury.


Ice massage can be employed as part of an overall treatment regimen, or used as the sole treatment, depending on the extent of the damage to the muscle tissue. 


Unlike other forms of treatment, Ice Massage can be performed immediately after the occurrence of the injury. Doing this causes the veins in the tissue to constrict and reduce circulation. Once the treatment has stopped, the veins overcompensate by dilating. This causes blood to rush into the afflicted area. With this rush of blood comes vital nutrients which will assist and speed up the healing process of any injured muscles, ligaments or tendons in this region. This method can also numb nerve endings which act as pain receptors to the brain.

Ice massage can also be used as a more intense and focussed ice bath.


This can be done by either working with just one area (30 minute maximum time recommended) or as a full body Ice massage (60 minute treatment time required).

Ice Massage can be booked online

(please book an initial appointment if you are a new client).

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