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Follow-ups only. Our best seller.

Sports Massage promotes the prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from this service.  Sports Massage Therapy also helps alleviate stress and tension from the body to provide fast and effective pain relief for everyday aches and pains, non-sporting injuries like whiplash, chronic pain and people with restricted range of motion.

Follow-ups only.


Ice massage therapy is used to help minimise tissue damage and bring relief to inflamed muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments and reduce swelling.


Excellent for dealing with pain and discomfort caused by muscle strains, as well as any swelling that takes place after an injury. Ice massage can be employed as part of an overall treatment regimen, or used as the sole treatment, depending on the extent of the damage to the muscle tissue.

Follow-ups only.


Keep injuries & areas of pain, discomfort or tightness at bay. Recommended for anyone  taking their fitness and health seriously. Preventative Treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks to help keep muscles functioning properly.


Damage builds up slowly in overused muscles, eventually resulting in fibre tears which can lead to bleeding, swelling and tension in the muscle and the eventually the formation of scar tissue. Preventative Massage will help to avoid these injuries by lengthening and improving the elasticity of the tissues..

Follow-ups only.


Rehab (rehabilitation) sessions are ideal for those coming back into sport/fitness from injury and feel they may need a bit of help getting back into things.


We will look at taking things slowly to avoid reinjury, ensuring we have good length in our soft tissues and solid technique. Session may also involve stretching, bodyweight exercises, light weights and suspension and apparatus training. We have fully access to the gym equipment at Xercise4Less Livingston

Follow-ups only.


Our Sports Therapy Sessions combine sports massage with other physiotherapy techniques such as mobilisation, taping, biomechanics analysis, trigger point techniques, muscle energy techniques (METs) and stretching to assess, identify and treat injuries.


We will deliver a personalised tailor made treatment plan to maximise recovery safely and teach clients how to reduce pain and mange chronic injuries through rehabilitation programmes.

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